No More Loose Plugs

Loose Plugs Are Annoying

Loose connections affect charging and power flow. Snug Plugs quickly and instantly fixes loose plugs!

Plugs Falling out are Frustrating

Over time, outlets can become loose, and plugs will easily fall out.  Not only is the frustrating but it also reduces the connection between the plug and outlet reducing the flow of electricity.


“Our plugs have started wearing out and nothing will stay in the outlets. These solve that problem with no installation time.”


“Best invention for renters!”


"Genius idea and excellent customer service!"


"It's an amazing invention! I wish I had these a long time ago."


"I wish I had these a long time ago! They're so simple!"


A Simple, Highly Engineered Solution

Snug Plug, Snuglets seem like a simple little device, but they are highly engineered to solve the loose outlet problem.  The material is a special nylon and the structure is created to be easy to use, safe and solve the problem.

Snug Plug secures your loose plugs!


Snuglets are not designed for every outlet in your house, just the loose one. A bedroom at home, an outdoor outlet, a coffee house, airport or hotel room, Snuglets are that go to, instant solution.

Stop loose plugs everywhere, at home and on the go...

Hairdryers & vaccums

No More Vacuum Plugs Falling Out!

Computer plugs

Stop Hair Dryer Plugs From Pulling Out!

Charging boxes

Eliminate Device Chargers Dropping!

Travel outlets

Improve Connections in Airports & Hotels

Slide right & left to show before and after

Before Snug Plug Means Loose Plugs
After Snug Plug Means Tight Connections

Our Story

Our story is a simple one, we were so frustrated by the plugs in our lives always falling out, sagging and not charging the way they should. 

We met, became friends and started joking about this. One day, we decided to actually do something about it and started on a 6 year journey to develop a solution. 

Yes it took that long and there were a ton of trials, failures and improvements.  We finally found the right blend of material, design and function and were able to file for patent.  We hope Snug Plug is able to remove this one little frustration in your lives. 

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